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Inspiration, Basketball and Mom

May 10, 2010

I saw two INSPIRING basketball performances on Mother’s Day.

I saw Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics put his team on his back to have one of the most impressive statistical performances in the history of the NBA. He not only controlled the game, he dominated it. His performance was almost certainly singlehandedly responsible for three future hall of fame players not being on the verge of elimination.

Later, I saw Steve Nash come back into the game after receiving 6 stitches over his eye. When he left with a bloody eye it seemed like two years ago when a head to head collision split his nose open; and although he tried to play that day as well, the bleeding was not able to be stopped and the Spurs were victorious over a battered Suns team. I thought history would repeat itself but, with one eye swollen shut, he willed his team from collapsing to the team that ended their six previous seasons.

Rondo and Nash shined on a national/international stage. They will be celebrated by millions for their skill, determination and their will. The praise they will receive is most definitely deserved. It was INSPIRING to see.

However, even more inspiring was to see my mom overcome tremendous challenges every day. To my knowledge, she was never on national TV. Not even many of her friends, extended family or pastor truly understood the daily struggle she had raising me while living with an alcoholic husband. Without any fanfare, she got up EVERY morning and did what she had to do. I’d like people to know about her will and determination too.

My mom taught piano to over 100 students a week for years to earn enough to get our family through. In the process, she touched the lives of too many people to count. Growing up, it seemed I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing stories from someone about how much they loved my mom. I heard how she inspired and helped them accomplish so much, not just in music but in life. When my mom got sick and my dad’s drinking was particularly heavy, people I didn’t even know brought us food and transported me to and from school and my other activities.

My mom inspired so many of her students, including students that other teachers had written off like overly energetic boys, students with learning disabilities, autism and eating disorders. Her secret was love and her faith in God. While others would have complained about struggling to survive and the hardships of life with an alcoholic, she felt blessed to be able to earn a living by giving the gift of music – a gift her parents had sacrificed so much to give her.

I have come to believe that I am who I am and I do what I do in large part because of who she is and what she did. My mom’s story may not make for exciting TV, but I think it is worth sharing.